The 1968 Exhibit: Wallace visits Minnesota, and Jerry Liebling is there: July 4, 1968

The renowned photographer Jerome Liebling has died at age 87.   Liebling moved to Minnesota in 1949, and for many years was on the faculty of the University of Minnesota.  Recently, he donated a collection of nearly 200 photographs focusing on politics and politicians, taken from 1956 to 1969, to the Minnesota Historical Society.  You can watch a podcast about those photographs here.  

On July 4, 1968, George C. Wallace, the arch-segregationist and former Alabama governor who was running for  


president as an independent, made a campaign stop in Minneapolis, and Jerome Liebling was there to cover the occasion, including the candidate's arrival at the airport, his meeting with reporters, and a rally that turned pretty raucous.  Here are some photos from that day, now in the collections of the Minnesota Historical Society: