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1968: My Enrance into a Career as a Cultural Hisorian | 08/08/2013

Music got me inerested in American cultural history. I'd sit and listen to The Beatles, Country Joe and the Fish, Bob Dylan,and other counterculture artists with my father as a kid. From there I... Read More

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Chicago - 1968 | 06/16/2012

I was there and have the scars to prove it. Read More


There is no honor in those who lead us into war | 12/30/2011

the section of Vietnam and the King and Kennedy assassinations brought continual tears. More than 40 years later the forces of violence and greed seem to continue to triumph. As Dr King said, "The... Read More

Reflections on 1968, Video


This is a video poem I made with the late poet Thomas McGrath. Writ in 1968, the writer said, "Fill it with junk from the sixties." Read More

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Gone Fishing: The West Bank’s Forgotten Scene: Generations Award | 09/15/2010

Gone Fishing tells the story of Minneapolis’ West Bank music scene circa 1968. Through interviews with musicians Spider John Koerner, Papa John Kolstad, scenester Red Nelson and writer Cyn... Read More


Jumbo: The Disappearance of an American Icon: Revelation Award | 09/15/2010

The Boeing 747 considered the most recognized aircraft has dominated our imagination since 1968. Changing economics have forced most airlines to retire their 747’s to the graveyard. This film will... Read More


Winn’s Story: Eyewitness Award | 09/15/2010

Winn narrates his experience in the 11th armored cavalry regiment in Vietnam. He describes the emotional impact of his deployment, both in 1967 and 1968, and today. Tom and Kurt are both novice film... Read More


Taking AIM: The Origins of the American Indian Movement: Best Film | 09/15/2010

Taking AIM is a documentary that explores the origins of the American Indian Movement. At a time of great social change and unrest, brave American Indians fought the injustice that had left them ‚... Read More


Beyond the Lens: Emerging Filmmaker | 09/15/2010

Graduating from Richfield High School in 1968, David Drummond entered a world of political and social turmoil. From festivals to rallies to war protests he experienced it all with a camera in his... Read More


Reluctant Dissent: Dr. James P. Shannon Story: Honorable Mention | 09/15/2009

In 1968 Bishop James P. Shannon of St. Paul wrote to Pope Paul VI disagreeing with the pope's position on birth control. Shannon resigned his post and moved to New Mexico. He married and... Read More